Year 2012 Customer Atelier Markgraph Services Design / Software / Animation


Ok, where to start. This is actually three exhibits in one.

First, there is the engine crank exhibit. Simple but effectiv, the crank allows you to follow the combustion process of an engine. Second, the screen-slider is one fun exhibit. Julia put a lot of work into the comic world, telling little stories about the importance of mobility in our society. Of course, Mercedes offer a couple of solutions for today's challenges (fuel, range etc.).

The third exhibit is the Plugin-Hybrid Simulator, one of our if not the best selling exhibit. It allows you to control a physically simulated car through various surroundings. While you drive, you'll see how clever the car reacts and engages either the electric engine, the combustion part or both in order to save fuel.

After the intital release of the simulator, we made several versions of it like a touch version and simulating at least 4 different models. (C-Class, S-Class, GLK etc.)

Design & Software