we are crazy about interactive, exhibits and immersive shows.
we are crazy about interactive, exhibits and immersive shows.


wirmachenbunt is a company specialized in creating interactive exhibits, immersive shows and motion graphics. Our playground is digital by nature, let it be interaction for tradeshows, the web or the transition between. We provide unique solutions incorporating our expertise in interaction design and software development. We create the tools, the toys and rock solid products.

We do

Augmented Reality

Immersive Shows

Interactive Exhibits

3D Visualization

Interface Design

Motion Design

Kinetic Installations

Generative Graphics

Mobile Apps

Custom Hardware Control


We are a company of same minded creatives, merging art with technology, interaction design with architecture, code with communication and strive for absolut quality and thoughtful design. We exists as a company since 2008. The name wirmachenbunt translates roughly to we (wir) + make (machen) + colorful (bunt).


Christian Engler

Barbara Engler

Thomas Gross

Nils Nahrwold


Unity & Unreal Game Engines

If we bring Augmented or Virtual Reality concepts to life, we utilize these two well known game engines. It's amazing how tools like this democratized the development of stunning realtime visuals.

cables.gl - beautiful, interactive 3D content for the web

Love at first sight, since we started using cables, our passion for realtime web content keeps growing. Devices and browsers are immensly capable today, rendering the web very attractive for us realtime nerds. cables enables us to bring our experience in interaction, product visualization and edutainment to websites. The time is over for boring text-image-video layouts.

vvvv - hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment

Our go-to-tool for all sorts of ideas, let it be kinetic installations, light staging, touchscreen exhibits, data visualizations, exotic interfaces - you name it. With 15 years of experience, surely our native language.


Magenta Moon was honoured 2021 with the 3x Red Dot Award, 2x German Design Award, Brand Ex, IDA Design Award and FRAME Award

German Design Award 2019 - Mercedes-Benz Dialog-Plattform IAA 2017

Red Dot Communication Design Award 2017 in Interface & User Experience Design

ADC - Gold in "Kommunikation im Raum / Craft 2016

CANNES LIONS, - Silver for the overall Production 2016

German Design Award in Gold 2016

Red Dot: Junior Award 2014

ADC Award 2013 - Silber - Kommunikation im Raum

FAMAB Award - Silber - Best Thematic Exhibition

Red Dot Design Award - Winner 2013 – Communication Design