Year 2012 Customer Atelier Markgraph Services Design / Software / Animation


Touch to drive! Planethybrid is a touchscreen exhibit, allowing you to drive the E-Class with just one finger.

Experience a quite different Mercedes-Benz exhibit, containing sheeps, a penguin and a fusion rocket. The comic style world is about all the benefits of the hybrid engine. Certainly a tricky task, putting 9 topics into an exhibit without spoiling everything with pages of text and diagrams. In the end we came up with this story-based interface, letting the user 'drive' the information. And this is fun for the user and was most definitely fun for us, going through iterations of different sheeps and birds. PlanetHybrid premiered at the Geneva Auto-Salon in 2012 and is still going around the world.

Concept & Design
Julia Löwe (wirmachenbunt)

Software & Programming
Chris Engler (wirmachenbunt)