Year 2023 Customer flora&faunavisions Services Interactive Programming, Design


An immersive, interactive experience

Utopian Garden will bloom as an immersive, fully interactive experience where creativity and science come together in the natural world. Utopian Garden invites the audience to actively participate in a vivid immersion of nature at the Tacoma Armory.

Find yourself at the intersection of art, science, and nature: participants will co-create in a fully-immersive, interactive, story-based adventure within an enormous digital projection onto massive, 300-degree wrap-around screens.

With this project we celebrate the fruitful collaboration between flora&faunavisions and wirmachenbunt with another exiting interactive space.


Concept, design & production by flora&faunavisions GmbH

Interactive programming & design by wirmachenbunt

Sound Design : Julian Ganzer / Studio Kreuzberg

Soundtrack : Julian Ganzer / Ilja Coric

Music Games - Art, Science & Nature by Asako Fujimoto



Currently showing at @tacomaartslive


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