Year 2013 Customer MUD Services Projection Mapping


The introduction of the new Mercedes CLA was supported by a few special events such as the one we worked for in Paris.

Our job consisted of developing a multi-channel projectionmapping system accompanied by cue-based interface to control various image effects and animations. The result could be seen in a warehouse close to the Eifel tower.Our system turned a white living room into a holodeck, constantly changing its look over a period of 18 minutes.

Such a project is of course nothing without the special wirmachenbunt touch hence some generative stuff. We put some work into the instagram scene, visualizing the social media participation and the pumping equalizer scenes which actually was analyzing the music in realtime.

Paul, Chris, Thomas (wirmachenbunt)

Thanks to Tobi, Marcus and Chrissi and all the lovely ppl of m:ud.