... is a kinetic, interactive exhibit. Two dynamic platforms work against each other. The first one represents rough terrain, ground on which a abstract, glas-like car drives along. Inside the car is a second platform, balancing a ball. Your challenge is to level the second platform to keep the ball centered.

The idea (coming from Copyright Communication) is to show the intelligence of the car in a playful way. You could use the term gamification. Did this work ? Absolutely freakin awesome. While an exhibit like this is a huge risk since it requires a lot of resources to produce, everybody involved has moments of doubt. But seeing people lining up and getting into discussions at the motor show, is definetely rewarding.

The exhibit concept is done by Copyright Communication (awesome, Mert)
Engineering and construction by Expotec Mainz
Software and production by wirmachenbunt

Thanks to Heinrich for the algorithm support !