Super fast paced racing game, controlled by tilting boards

Wanna ride a Mercedes-Benz like a surfer ? Than this is for you.

Atelier Markgraph commissioned this awesome multiplayer game, initially developed for the IAA 2019.

Just recently, in 2022, we made a new version of it for a League of Legends Event in San Francisco. While the first version was tackeling the topic of formula e sport, the second version kicked ass by flying through mexico , passing through states and finally arriving in San Francisco.

This is the kind of visual storytelling we love to do. Building worlds, going crazy with 3D assets and shaders, always having an eye on interactivity and usability.

Step onto the board and get cruising.

Idea / Concept
wirmachenbunt Atelier Markgraph

Software Development
3D & Interaction Design


commissioned by Atelier Markgraph