Year 2015 Customer Dokyo GmbH Services Design / Software / Animation


We're usually create and program interactive exhibits for cars and doing something with soap is kinda strange in that sense.

Our friends from Dokyo came up with the idea of personalized soaps for the Unilever brand Dove. They call it "the speaking soap". Think christmas time and you don't know what to give to some family members. Well, you could give a uniquely engraved Dove soap, designed by you.

That's what we've done. We built an easy-to-use design software, controlling a CNC machine. Put in a blank Dove Soap, type in your desired words and add some icon sugar on top of it. All done with an easy touchscreen app. The rest is just watching the machine doing it's work. The friendly shop assistent will put your finished soap in a nice packaging and christmas will be a happy time with a happy family.

Design & Programming