Year 2017 Customer Atelier Markgraph Services Software / Art Direction


Fancy a digital signage system? Here we go. This is pretty much our first project of this kind, communicating relevant information of an event or let's say a better timetable.

The installation is made of 18 screens and a couple of PC's, running in perfect sync. As the foundation for data, we used our content management system, which has been proven to be solid in hundreds of exhibits. That made it easy to add and change event information on the fly. In addition, the whole presentation was mirrored on the main stage, requiring a special layout since the "screen" was a challenging LED architecture.

Actually the LED setup was running the same software with minor changes, based on the same content management system. On the design side, we created a real time map of the Mercedes-Benz Booth (Festhalle Frankfurt), got playful with transitions and spend countless hours on tiny details to make the thing look smooth and synchronized.

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