Year 2011 Customer Atelier Markgraph Services Design / Software / Animation


B(e) a friend is definetely one fun exhibit, promoting the new B-Class and its features in a rather different way.

Each feature is woven into a short animated comic, taking a more human perspective on its use. These stories can be accessed with an transparent shiftscreen, completing the printed base layer. To catch attention and do a little bit of crowd control, the exhibit has a so called teaser screen.Employing some Kinect-magic, people could take pictures of themselves and add these to the Facebook page of Mercedes Benz. People went just crazy on the teaser and uploaded the insane amount of 10.000 pictures to facebook during the IAA week.

We would like to thank above all, everyone who made the photo-shooting possible: Tina, Lasse, Oscar, Jacob, Barbara, Martin and Martin, Thomas, Michi, Svea and all patient parents :)