I've been very lucky to be invited to the Mercedes-Benz IAA Show Team, joining forces with NSYNK who were responsible for a really crazy show concept. Think of a spidercam , kind of a drone cam and a big LED wall. All of this combined to an amazing augmented reality show, creating the impression of virtual objects intermingled with reality. My task was the design and programming of the "Intelligence" part, consisting of things like the network visualization which is one of the key visuals of the show. We applied this augmentation technique to various aspects of the show in order to communicate the advances in technology of Mercedes-Benz. In the video on the right, you see live interaction with the virtual content, change of climate (snow), digital signboards and much more.

In the afterplay, some of these show elements have been used at various car shows around the globe and have been used for various brands. The Mercedes-Benz Augmented Show IAA 2015 can be regarded as a revolution in show technology and has been rewarded with some of the prestigious awards. To mention a few: 2016 3x ADC in Gold, CANNES LION in Silver.