It was a great pleasure to support Atelier Markgraph with the redesign of the Mythos 6 Space / Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart. The visitors can experience the historical and technical development of emmission free mobility through a spiral-formed route, along pictures and lighting displays. The last display involves the visitors with a facetracking mechanism, attaching questions of future mobility as virtual thoughts.

The tour leads to the centre of the space which is illuminated by an atmospheric digital sky. Five car exhibits support the theme 'future needs origin' and complement the timeline. 125 years of development in the area of automotive manufacture and propulsion.


The space concludes with interactive information at your fingertips. The toy race course allows to experience the relationship be energy expense and range of an electric car. The more steady you wind the crank, the longer the little toy car drives. Not less playful is the unconventional drive configurator. Here you can simulate countless situations of car sizes, ranges, places and the exhibit suggest the most efficient drive.

wirmachenbunt was involved in the concept phase of the timeline wall and we supplied design and software of the three exhibits.