Our very first web project, Logic X. A fully WebGL based website, driven by the awesome tool cables.gl, for our austrian friends at Logic Data. After years of physical exhibits and big shows, we're looking for new playgrounds. And WebGL seems to fit us just perfectly. It allows all the 3D and shader magic we love. And the tool cables.gl makes it so much more accessable.

Thanks to Logic Data for being brave enough to launch this experiment, go for the latest web technology and start a journey of new web storytelling.
A very rare occasion, you can try this project for yourself. It is best viewed with a powerful desktop machine, but it runs on mobile as well. Just scroll, baby.


Patrick Molinari // Design
Damian Baranašić // 3D
Christian Engler // cables.gl
Joscha Brüning // HTML, cables.gl
Thomas Kombüchen // op support
Check out : cables.gl