Enter the exciting world of content management ;)
Seriously, if you have a large project, with lot's of information, texts and media, you might want to manage that in a less painful way than using folders and XML files. Maybe you even want the texts to be pre-rendered. And i guess you want a safe and simple interface for your customer to let them enter the information themselves.
Then you probably fancy a content management system like this. Get a coffee or two and check out the introduction video.

We started developing the CMS in 2011 for the Airbus Flying Green Exhibition and invested a fair amount of money and time since then , to make it rock solid. Not just in terms of operation but in terms of user interface and integration into vvvv. But since it is a standalone webserver, generating JSON, XML and rendered images, it can be coupled with anything else. Truth is, we already had a test balloon with a Unity 3D project.

Pro license
500,-€ (excl. VAT)