This is a visual finite state machine editor with built in finite state machine. The purpose of this swiss army knife is simply avoiding structural software bugs. It just makes decision making in interactive scenarios much more reliable and easier to grasp. You can just see what's going on by looking at the visual graph. It tells you where you are and where you can go.

Apart form the usual state machine features, Automata UI makes debugging your project easier. Remote control your software, jump to any state by using the Automata UI user interface. This tool can even drive your animations. Each element has a time, enabling you to drive any parameter in your project. And last but not least, Automata UI comes with built-in logging, you can track anything bound to the state machine. For debugging purposes or user statistics.

Automata UI is primarly made for the multipurpose kit vvvv. Since it is written in C# , it can be adopted for any other tool. The code is public and can be forked here.